Learner Voice Council



The Learner Voice Council, an initiative initiated by Danes Education Trust in secondary schools, has been extended to primary schools due to its remarkable success during the academic year 2022-2023. This council empowers students to enhance their confidence and self-efficacy as active global citizens, equipping them with the skills to speak confidently in front of audiences.

Lvc 2

Throughout the year, students undergo a structured four-stage process involving planning, auditing, implementation, and evaluation of a chosen aspect of the school. This year, their focus is on enhancing a facet of the classroom to ensure that the learning environment caters to the diverse needs of all students.

Furthermore, members of the Learner Voice Council play a pivotal role in the school community, collaborating with the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) to organise school events such as Christmas Fairs, Spooky Discos, and movie nights, fostering a vibrant and inclusive school culture.